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Monica Jones - Principal

My vision for our scholars is to create a safe, caring, rigorous, supportive and empowering learning environment where scholars see themselves as engineers of their own future and not victims of their current circumstances.


Tara Amil - Assistant Principal

My goal is to help develop the whole child, academically, socially, physically, and mentally.


John Grahovac - Utility Administrator

My goal is to see our scholars graduate from YREC HS.


Whitney McKee - Dean

My goal for scholars is to build bridges, climb ladders, change lives, and break generational curses.


Margo Kondela - School Counselor

My vision for our scholars is to see each and every one of them graduate with an AA.


Christine Chrestay - Social Worker

My goal is for scholars to feel safe, so that they can reach their ultimate potential while in our care.


Tonya Thornton - Academic Coordinator

My goal is to support, guide, push, love, and inspire all scholars toward their full potential.


Ceeairrah VanCobb - Academic Coordinator

My goal is to encourage our scholars to see themselves as I see them: Future leaders who lead with empathy and integrity.


Nathea Stevens - Parent Engagement Coordinator

For each scholar who goes through the YREC program to be positively successful in their future endeavors.


Sandra Mitchell - Administrative Assistant

My goal is to help them succeed in their futures.


Neena Bansal - Math Teacher (9th & 10th)

My goal is to help scholars excel in Math and do well in future!


Jennifer Meeker - Math Teacher (11th & 12th)

My goal is to to move scholars from repulsion to compassion and from compassion to wonderment.


Kalliope Sdregas - Math Teacher (9th)

I pray that all my students have long, healthy, and productive lives.


Ian Dunlap - ELA and Film Teacher (9th and 10th)

My goal is to help my scholars dive into diverse books and film so that they can shape their own views on the world around them. I also believe that through writing, they have the power to change the world.

S. Hadi

Saedah Hadi, - ELA Teacher (9th)

My goal for scholars is providing them with an equitable educational experience in addition to helping them reach their full potential at the high school level, so that they can later apply this experience and knowledge into their adult life.


Helena Hacshenburger-Dunn - ELA Teacher (10th - 12th)

In striving to guide students towards their personal best in Advanced Placement (AP) English classes, the overarching goals for my scholars encompass both academic achievement and the creation of an inclusive and safe learning environment. The primary objective is to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in AP exams, potentially allowing them to test out of introductory college writing courses. This academic success is not pursued in isolation but within a framework that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives within the classroom. Fostering inclusivity ensures that every student feels valued and supported, creating a safe space for intellectual exploration. Through dedicated guidance and a supportive educational framework, the goal is to nurture self-motivated, intellectually curious individuals who are well-prepared to thrive in the challenges and opportunities that higher education presents, all within an inclusive and safe learning environment.


Marlayne Tabor - ELA Teacher (10th & 11th)

I want our students to stay focused and do the best, both personally and academically, so they reach their full potential and beyond!


Nicholas Gilanyi - Social Studies Teacher (9th & 10th)

My goal is to help each student make a successful transition to college, explore their interests and possibilities, develop civic engagement skills, and engage in educationally meaningful experiences.


Bryce Nalbach - Social Studies Teacher (9th & 10th)

I look forward to having your scholar this year in class and hope to spark an interest in history/financial literacy; in order for them to think critically, question established norms and learn something new.


Timothy Kinkead - Social Studies Teacher (9th & 10th)

My goal is to help our scholars to achieve their unique versions of the American Dream.


Mark Robinson - Science Teacher (9th)

My goal for my students is to create a desire in them to become life long learners and independent thinkers.


Cassandra Slaubaugh - Science Teacher (9th & 10th)

I want to help scholars become scientifically literate, well-rounded individuals who are prepared to be successful in all aspects of their life.


Dr. Marines Ramos - Foreign Language Teacher (10th - 12th)

My goal is to share cultural knowledge and Language of the World of Spanish in order to instill in each one an understanding, respect and sensitivity towards individuals of the culture. Plus to gain Listening, oral and written skills in Spanish that will help them in this Global society.


Adrianne Gentry - Foreign Language Teacher

We live in a great big interesting world. Let's learn to communicate with it!


Shaunda Yancey - Instructional Coach

My vision for our scholars is Greatness in Totality,


Diane Tabus - ESA Attendance Secretary

My vision is to see our scholars, every one of them, get Excited about coming to school, and envisioning their futures to be Bright, productive and filled with endless possibilities!!!!


Jodi Ciminero - High School Academic Coach

I strive daily to bring a vision of hope that helps them endure the highs, lows and hurdles of their journey, while giving them the tools to navigate the same highs and lows with confidence.


Hannah Ferguson - High School Academic Coach & Community Engagement

My goal is for our scholars to be the most prepared and ready for life after high school.


Gina Fernback - High School Academic Coach

My goal for our scholars is to excel at YSU, and to create a future for themselves beyond their dreams.


Dontrell Lawrence - High School Academic Coach

My goal is to help and encourage our scholars to become better each day.

D. Macklin

Dorothy Macklin - High School Academic Coach

Success is Achieved not Given


Keenya Willis - High School Academic Coach

I am dedicated to supporting scholars here at YREC, not just in their academic pursuits, but also in fostering lifelong character development. I firmly believe that building strong character is the key that propels them towards success and fulfillment.


Anissa Al-Kara'in - College Academic Coach

My goal and/or vision for our scholars is for them to succeed and supersede in every task they take on.

W. Hadi

Wafa Hadi - College Academic Coach

My vision for our scholars is for them to stay confident and believe in themselves while they strive to achieve their goals and continue to be successful.


Benjamin Lane - College Academic Coach

My goal for scholars is to leave YREC as respective assets to society.

A. Macklin

Ashley Macklin - College Academic Coach

My vision and goal is to aim to provide YEC scholars with academic support, service, and leadership experiences that help develop important skills and confidence within themselves to be successful life learners.


George Taylor - College Academic Coach

My goal for scholars is to be ready to go out in a diverse world and succeed.


Nicole McCaskill - School Nurse

My goal for every scholar is for them to know that they are worthy of all good things. What you learn no one can ever take from you so learn it all. If they don't want you at their table , go get your own!


Christen Finsen - Food Services


Lisa Jones - Food Services


Annette Martin - Food Services

Gilbert Andujar - Head Maintenance

V. Robinson

Valetta Robinson - Matron

Iris Diaz - Matron

Milton James - Maintenance