Parent Info

Greetings, Parents and Guardians!

This page has been created to help you assist your scholars in their remote learning experience at YCSD.  Please make sure you review all of the "Basic Training" items, as these are critical to making sure you are connected to YCSD for important information.

Basic Training

1.  Getting Started - Click on the "Getting Started" link at the left side of this screen to be taken to a set of instructions for how to (1) turn on your device, (2) get connected to your wireless network, (3) get logged in to their school email account, and (4) get connected to Zoom sessions.  Zoom is our remote conferencing program that will be used by all teachers to conduct the remote learning sessions.

2.  Parent Access.  This is a program that is used by teachers to announce upcoming homework and assignments, and allows you to review academic performance, attendance, etc.  Please click <<HERE>> to review the setup instructions.  You should also have received a copy of the Parent Access setup letter for both you (parent) and your scholar in the packet of information you received when you picked up their device.

Setup Account - Video - Click here to watch a video of how to setup your account.


Basic Usage - Video - Click here to watch a video of the basic use of Parent Access, including how to view your scholar's schedule.

3.  Remind.  This program is used by teachers and administrators to communicate with you.  It is critical that you get set up with this program.  Please click <<HERE>> for simple instructions to get connected to this program.  

Advanced Training

iPad Training - Click here to see our training videos on using our iPads in the district.

Chromebook Training - Click here to see our training videos on using our Chromebooks in the district.

If you need assistance, please click on the "Remote Support" link at the left for ways to contact us.